Susan Baker Shipley - Chairman  (Governor appointee at large)
 William Kirk  (Governor appointee)
 The Honorable Jim Ferlo  PA State Senate (Senate Minority Leader)
 The Honorable Ryan Warner  PA House of Representatives
 (House Minority Leader)

 The Honorable John Pippy

 (Governor appointee at large)

 (vacant)  (Governor appointee SPC)
 Max Janairo, Jr.  Pres., GeoSci Associates
 (Governor appointee DINAMO)
 Rex Woodward     MMC, Inc.
 (Governor appointee Waterways Assoc. of Pgh.)
 The Honorable Ed Gainey  PA House of Representatives
 (Speaker of the House) 
 Michael Dunleavy

(Governor appointee SPC)

 The Honorable Randy Vulakovich  PA State Senate
(President Pro Tempore)
 Scott Turer  (Governor appointee at large)
 The Honorable Joseph Spanik

 Beaver County Commissioners
 (Governor appointee SPC)

 David M. McQuiston  (Governor appointee RTOA)
 Peter Stephaich  Campbell Transportation
 (Governor appointee Non SPC Counties)
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