Port Security Grant Program - Port of Pittsburgh



The Port of Pittsburgh Commission (PPC) acting as the Port of Pittsburgh
Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSC) Fiduciary Agent (FA) welcomes you to
the FY11 round of Port Security Grants.  PPC acts as grant coordinator and
maintains fiscal oversight of the grant execution with the direction of the
U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COPT) Pittsburgh.  All grants will be
requested through and distributed by the PPC in accordance with the FEMA
guidance.  There will be no matching funds required for this round of

The Coast Guard Federal Maritime Security Coordinator and COTP, working with
the FA and the AMSC Executive Committee, are looking forward to working with
the private entities, facility operators and government agencies who partner
together in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia to safely and securely
operate and oversee our region's critical infrastructure. This PPC page can
be used to download the appropriate grant application forms and related

Please visit the USCG Homeport page via the link below for additional
guidance such as the COTP priorities and the five-year Risk Management and
Mitigation Plan (RMMP). Please work to ensure that any grant Justifications
are crafted in accordance with the guidance documents found at the bottom of
this page, and in keeping with the RMMP priorities.

To locate the five-year Guidance and RMMP:
Once you register at the Homeport site, logging in will put you in the
MyHomeport page.  From there, under My Communities, click the link AMSC Ohio
Valley.  Then, from that page, under Documents, click the link AMSC
Pittsburgh.  The AMSC Pittsburgh folder contains several documents including
the 5-Year RMMP.



USCG Homeport


David Morgan, USCG
412-644-5808 ext. 2123

Cdr. Lindsay Weaver, USCG, Captain of the Port

Mary Ann Bucci, Fiduciary Agent, Port of Pittsburgh Commission






 Grant Guidances  File Download
Official Federal Grant Guidance 2011 FY11 PSGP Guidance.pdf
Official Federal Grant Guidance 2010 FY10 PSGP Guidance.pdf
Official Federal Grant Guidance 2009 FY09 PSGP Guidance.pdf
Official Federal Grant Guidance 2008 FY08 PSGP Guidance.pdf

 Reference Items  File Download
 FY 2010 PSGP FAQ -- updated  PSGP Updated FAQ 012910.doc
 Alternate Investment Justification form (Short Version)  Investment_Justification (short).pdf 
 Detailed budget for the funds requested  Budget_Detail_Worksheet.pdf

 Grant Programs Match Guidance
 -- Cash & In-kind

 GDP Match Guidance.pdf
 Sample Memorandum of Agreement letter  MOA_Sample.pdf
 Sample Letter of Intent  LOI_Sample.pdf
 Electronic Code of Federal Regulations -
 Protection of Sensitive Security Information

 Templates (fill-in forms)  File Download
 2011 PSGP Investment Justification Template  2011 IJ Template.doc
 2011 PSGP Budget Worksheet  2011 Budget Worksheet.doc
 2010 PSGP Investment Justification Template  2010 IJ Template.doc
 2010 PSGP Budget Worksheet  2010 Budget Worksheet.doc
 2009 PSGP Investment Justification Template  2009 IJ Template.doc
 2009 PSGP Budget Worksheet  2009 Budget Worksheet.doc

 Progress Report Templates  File Download
 PSGP 2007 Progress Report  PSPG_FY2007_ProgressReport.doc
 PSGP 2008 Progress Report  PSPG_FY2008_ProgressReport.doc

 EHP Documents  File Download
Environmental and historic preservation requirements screening memo (EHPSM)  EHP Screening Memo
FEMA directive on environmental and historic preservation requirements (EHP) for grants  EHP_Bulletin_271.pdf
EHP Compliance Requirements for Preparedness Grant Projects  EHP_Compliance.pdf
Assistance for applicants in screening projects for environmental and historic preservation (EHP) considerations to determine the level, if any, of EHP review that is required  EHP_Job_Aid.pdf

 EHP Contacts by State:


Ohio -- Nathan Young

West Virginia   304-558-0240
Pennsylvania -- Ofr. Jean Cutter  717-705-4035





 Office of Management
 and Budgets Circulars
File Download

Grantees must comply with the federal accounting guidelines as applicable (See also 48 CFR 31)

           Cost principles for educational institutions  OMB_Circular_A-21.pdf
Cost principles for state, local and Indian tribal governments OMB_Circular_A-87.pdf
Uniform administrative requirements for grants and agreements with state and local governments OMB_Circular_A  102.pdf
Uniform administrative requirements for grants and agreements with institutions of higher education, hospitals, and other non-profit organizations and 48 CFR Part 31 et seq. contract cost principles and procedures OMB_Circular_A-110.pdf
Cost principles for non-profit organizations OMB_Circular_A-122.pdf
Audits of states, local governments, and non-profit organizations OMB_Circular_A-133.pdf






 Other Application Forms (for reference purposes)  File Download 
Budget Information for Non-Construction Programs  SF-424A.pdf 
Assurances for Non-Construction Programs  SF-424B.pdf
Certifications regarding lobbying; Debarment; Suspension and other responsibility matters and Drug-Free Workplace requirements  Certification.pdf
Accounting system and financial capability questionnaire  Financial_Capability.pdf 


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