U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
The USACE is the world's largest public works agency made up of approximately 34,600 civilian and 650 military men and women.  A vital part of America’s Army, our diverse workforce of engineers, biologists, geologists, hydrologists, park rangers, project managers and other professionals meet the demands of changing times and requirements providing quality, responsive service to the nation in peace and war.

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Ingram Barge Company
Ingram Barge Company is the leading carrier on America’s inland waterways. Principal strengths include dynamic people, leading-edge systems, and a commitment to quality.

They operate nearly 4,000 barges powered by the best towboat fleet in the industry. With over 100 linehaul vessels ranging up to 10,500 horsepower and approximately 40 boats under 1800 horsepower, Ingram can accommodate a wide array of shipping needs. They transport cargoes including coal, grain, aggregates, fertilizer, ores, alloys, steel products and chemicals.

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BMP's ownership and leadership team has over 200 years combined experience in the maritime industry.  They also have a diverse experience level that is from outside of the maritime industry that ranges from aerospace to automotive to service industries. This helps bring in different perspectives on management and operations tactics and strategies, which allows them to take advantage of implementing positive processes without trying to reinvent the wheel, to use a cliché. BMP's academic backgrounds range from Harvard graduates to various state university graduates to good old fashioned many years of hands on experience, of which all are equally important to BMP.


At this time they specialize in the New Construction of  jumbo open and fiber-glass covered hopper barges, Barge Repair and they are offering CNC Steel Fabrication Services.  BMP’s facility is also capable of building Deck Barges, Tank Barges, other customer defined steel hull Special Vessels.

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"The biggest problem facing the company is the difficulty in attracting quality workers locally," Scheib said.
"We struggle hiring folks here. My biggest worry is where are we going to find 40 to 50 folks ... to do this kind of work," Scheib said. "There is a shortage of quality welders across the country."
   ~~~Tribune-Review, December 13, 2011



Campbell Transportation Company, Inc.

Campbell Transportation Company, Inc. is a privately held company with excellent leadership and dedicated employees. CTC is proud to consistently have long term personnel and strategically grow the organization. CTC offers competitive pay and benefits which may include:

  • Pension/401K plan
  • Medical insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Paid vacation

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Marquette Transportation Company 

With a history of excellence and a reputation for getting the job done safely and on time, Marquette Transportation sets a higher standard for marine transportation year after year.

Our vessels generally have 5-11 employees on-board, including:
Captain, Pilot, Engineer, Cook, Tankerman, and Deckhands.

Because the vessels operate 24 hours seven days a week, all the crew members, except the cook, work “watches” of six hours on, six hours off.  When the various crew members are not on-watch, then they are off-duty and may engage in their personal pursuits. However, they remain on their vessel at all times and live a life that is similar to being in the Navy, living in close quarters with one another.

Crew members generally work “trips” of at least 28 days “on the vessel,” although some crew members could work more than 28 days at a time. Thereafter, each crew member will depart and return to their land-based home for leave periods usually consisting of 14 days. After some well-deserved rest and time with family, crew members return to board the vessel.

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Weavertown Environmental Group

Weavertown is the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier provider of environmental services.  Weavertown employs only the best-trained and highly equipped people in the industry, upholding unrivaled experience and professionalism.

Weavertown quickly gained a notable reputation for successfully executing the most challenging environmental work and providing service 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.  To fully meet client requirements, WEG has uniquely developed a broad range of capabilities internally, eliminating the need for outsourcing or subcontracting.

Weavertown is a full service environmental company, trusted by its clients as one of the best environmental firms in the Mid-Atlantic region.  In addition to environmental contracting, Weavertown is well-known for its towing, garage services, stone aggregate and landscape supply, and oil delivery services.

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