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Marine Contractors, Inc.
Phone: 724-266-2808
Fax: 724-266-2807

Land & River Contracting and Engineering
Quick response diving services

Harry Zubik, President
Travis Zubik, Senior Project Engineer
William Over, Jr., Project Engineer

Pile driving, dredging, fabrication, excavation, disposal site

Capability to onload or offload bulk product or other material on a barge load basis or a project basis for smaller quantities. Facility is serviced by rail and truck with 0.1 mile access to State Route 65.

Yard & Fleet: Ohio River, milepost 16.0

Other Services:

  • Cable crossings and removal
  • Crack repair with epoxy grout injection
  • Intake cleaning (Zebra mussels)
  • Inspections underwater
  • Grizzly rake repairs and installation
  • Hydro blasting
  • Mud and debris removal
  • Penetration dives
  • Sand blasting underwater
  • Clearing fouled props on towboats
  • Salvage/sunken barges/boat (250 ton A-frame)
  • Underwater burning and welding
  • Trash rack repairs and installation
  • Traveling water screen repairs and installation