Transtar/Union Railroad
Address: 1200 Penn Avenue, Suite 300
City: Pittsburgh
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 15222-4219
Contact: William Bojalad
Phone: 412-433-4655
Fax: 412-433-7836
2nd Contact: Duquense Wharf
Title: 412-469-4600
Phone: 412-469-4609
Transtar/Union Railroad

Terminal Specifications

River: Monongahela
Milepost: 12.1 LDB
River Site: Duquesne
River Detail: Duquesne Wharf
Commodity: Coal, Dry bulk, General commodities, Heavy lifts, Palletized goods
Crane: 100-150 tons
Railroad: Class I: Norfolk Southern, Class I: CSX
Services Offered: Rail to barge and barge to rail transfer.
Equipment: 26-ton E-Crane
continuous bucket unloader