Kinder Morgan Dravosburg Terminal
Address: 705 Washington Avenue (PO Box 253)
City: Dravosburg
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 15034
Contact: Nick A. Borelli
Title: Terminal Manager
Phone: 412-466-4100
Fax: 412-466-1999
2nd Contact: Tim Seitz
Title: Maintenance Foreman
Phone: 412-466-4100
Kinder Morgan Dravosburg Terminal

Terminal Specifications

River: Monongahela
Milepost: 16.1 LDB
River Site: Dravosburg
Commodity: Liquid bulk, Chemicals, Petroleum
Storage Capacity: 35 tanks, capacities ranging from 1,200 to 38,000 barrels (total 243,000 barrels) (Covered)
Railroad: Class I: Norfolk Southern
Services Offered: 24-hour dockside marine fueling
Bulk marine lubricants available dockside
Barge steaming capabilities
Heated and insulated tanks available
Product blending
Product heating
Vapor recovery/incineration
Additive handling/injection
Nitrogen blanketing
Equipment: Storage tanks
state certified truck weighing scale