RiverLift Industries
Address: State Highway 837 (P.O. Box 532)
City: West Elizabeth
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 15236
Contact: Bob Schaefer
Title: Co-Owner/Logistics/Transloading
Phone: 412-384-8420
Fax: 412-384-6910
2nd Contact: Tom Taylor
Title: Trucking Solutions
Phone: 412-384-8420
Fax: 412-384-6910
RiverLift Industries

Terminal Specifications

River: Monongahela
Milepost: 23.5 LDB
River Site: West Elizabeth
River Detail: Located approximately 0.8 miles above Elizabeth Bridge (State Route 51)
Commodity: Aggregates, Breakbulk, Coal, Ferro alloys, Heavy lifts, Lumber, Ores & minerals, Salt, Scrap, Steel, Super sacks, Lime, Palletized goods, Coke
Crane: 100-150 tons
Storage Capacity: 23 acres (Open) 75,000 sq. ft. (Covered)
Railroad: Class I: Norfolk Southern
Highway Access: Highway Access: via Dove Way and Madison Avenue from State Highway 837
Services Offered:
  • Loading/unloading barge, truck, and rail
  • Direct Transfer--barge/truck
  • Direct Transfer--rail/truck
  • Trucking services
  • Temporary storage
  • Long-term storage
  • Sennebogen 850HD Barge Unloader
  • Liebherr 984 barge excavators
  • buckets
  • magnets
  • endloaders
  • forklifts
  • cranes
  • skidloaders
  • conveyors
  • stackers
  • hot mix asphalt plant
Other Notes: We have 600 feet of dock wall, three river docks, and a dedicated switchboat with a full-time captain.
Our new Sennebogen 850HD "The Green Monster" Barge Unloader enables us to unload a barge in less than five hours.
We also have 1,900 feet of rail car siding. Our rail partner, Norfolk Southern, provides us with excellent service.

RiverLift is a full-service transportation and logistics provider