Industry Terminal and Salvage Company
Address: P.O. Box 255; 107 Canton Street
City: Industry
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 15052
Contact: Bradley L. Busatto
Title: President
Phone: 724-643-1871
Fax: 724-643-6670
Industry Terminal and Salvage Company

Terminal Specifications

River: Ohio
Milepost: 33.1 RDB
River Detail: Terminal at milepost 33.1 RDB, Ohio River,
Dry cargo barge cleaning at milepost 16.2,
Fleeting areas at mileposts 3.2, 16.2, and 33.1
Commodity: Aggregates, Coal, Dry bulk, Heavy lifts, Scrap, Steel, Super sacks, Coke
Crane: 50-100 tons
Storage Capacity: 500,000 tons (Open) 15,000 sq. ft. (Covered)
Highway Access: via state route 68
Services Offered:
  • Marine Towing
  • Marine Vessel Repair
  • Barge Cleaning
  • Barge Fleeting
  • Barge Unloading/Loading
  • Marine Construction
  • Marine Equipment Rental
  • 5 towboats: 800 to 1550 hp.
  • Floating 100-foot crane
Other Notes: 4,200 foot contiguous barge fleeting area
Mobile stevedoring within 200 miles of Pittsburgh