Location:Ohio River, milepost 18.5--23.0 LDB 
Acreage: 60 acres available 
County: Beaver 
Community: Aliquippa, PA, Monaca Borough, Hopewell Township, and Center Township 
River Frontage: 4.5 miles 
Railway Connections: CSX mainline 
Highway Access: State Route 51 
Waterway Access/Facilities: The site is comprised of three parcels, two of which are adjacent and form the "Enterprise Business Park," the 400-acre waterfront region. Parcel A (300 acres) is referred to as the "Commercial/Recreational Complex," and Parcel B (60 acres available) is referred to as the "Enterprise Business/Industrial Park." Parcel C is a 600-acre slag reserve. The Commercial/Recreational Complex is envisioned as a location for such developments as a hotel, amphitheater entertainment center, commercial boardwalk shops, restaurants, and a marina facility. The Industrial Park is appropriately zoned and includes barge and docking facilities that can fleet up to 70 barges. Also on site is a short-line railroad--the Aliquippa and Southern Railroad which connects with the CSX mainline. A natural bend in the river at the junture of the two parcels blocks sight of the industrial park from the recreational complex.  
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